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The bard


Reflect the stage:Zhang Qingshan
Conductor:Lu Jia
Director:Hugo De Ana
Stage designer:Hugo De Ana
Produced by NCPA


“The Collapse” design has ornaments arranged in varying positions. A 6m high and 6m wide bronze statue seems to “fall from heaven”. This helps the audience to enter the mind of the character. The ‘battle’ scene is exhilarating; actors move graciously to the rhythm of the music. It is a visual feast in which cinema are at a juxtaposition with painting.


“Bard of Avon” is the 6th Shakespeare production in NCPA’s line-up. To work with Hugo again after the production of “A Masked Ballroom Dance” makes “Bard of Avon” a much easier process. The stage design makes use of many visual projections. The orbiting planets in the vast galaxy seem to penetrate the space on stage. The high definition close up on the ‘nebula’ star combines with the constant flow of the flames leaving the audience enchanted.