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About Us

Beijing Qian Shan Hong Ri Stage Arts Production Co. Ltd, founded in 1997 by the Mr. Zhang Qingshan as famous stage arts artist, The company is located in Beijing  Shunyi District, It is an area of nearly thirteen thousand square meters of stage arts base. Since the establishment of the company, through the refinement stage art design,stage machinery design, deepening the video multimedia design and presentation, costume design, character modeling, stage props etc.. The business covers the entire stage art field plate, design, production and presentation of a series of domestic and international stage art works Beijing Qian Shan Hong Ri Stage Arts Production Co. Ltd will be art’s high grade, ornamental, harmonious culture visual presentation as the only change of business philosophy, It has always been adhering to the "technology, arts pay equal attention to create harmony" of the enterprise purpose, We successfully complete the opera, musicals, ballet, drama, various drama, all kinds of large-scale theme activities, party, and stage art production engineering. For different types of theater and large stage entertainment form provides a quality production and presentation. We have completed more than five hundred creation stage project ain domestic and abroad. Became the best professional stage art production team with NCPA. Through 16 many years of accumulation, now Beijing Qian Shan Hong Ri Stage Arts Production Co. Ltd has developed into a stage art creation to have the profound experience designer, the Art Department of outstanding talents as a supplement, the stage art creation platform been constructed and professional team to ensure that a variety of stage art and refined design embodies. Beijing Qian Shan Hong Ri Stage Arts Production Co. Ltd as the industry's Leading, it is cooperate with professional stage art groups all over the world  beside maintained good relations, it  has accumulated a lot of valuable experience, large-scale professional with rich international stage art production, industry production equipment, enriching and completing stage equipment, harmony pleasant working environment, scientific management, people-oriented, aesthetic pursuit of excellent professional accomplishment and solid world without end.